Online Video PDR Training Support

We understand you will have some challenges during your new pdr career and that is why we have and offer the most advanced pdr support for our students. Introducing our online video training support. Don't understand? Here's an example. Lets just say you need to brush up on your crease removals, glue pulling, body lines, access, tool usage and other things. Well we have a solution. All our graduated students will have access to our downloads. From the beginning process to the advanced video tutorials. They are designed to help keep you in good habit and perfect being clean and push mark free. All our videos are edited professionally so you can focus on the details.

Dent Time puts the utmost thought and simple guide lessons as we possibly can. With over 18 years experience, we know how to explain the pdr technique to our students, while they recognize their learning curve develops rapidly. Here at Dent Time, we are eagar to help our students thrive and succeed during and after your their new paintless dent repair career.