3 Week Paintless Dent Repair / Removal Training Course

This 3 week paintless dent repair / removal training course offers much more time and techniques. As you may have read by now, there is so much to learn about PDR that we break it down for you so you can compare. That's why we call our first week an introduction, not a primary stand alone training coarse.

Get ready to get real challenged during your third week. We move you toward deep creases, body lines and common glue pulling tactics that are applied to all types of vehicles. This three week course also allows you to become more comfortable perfecting your techniques and building good habits with consistency. Our goal is to guide your skills to become a clean, efficient and consistent PDR technician. Not to mention during this 3 week course you'll be taught patience because quality is what matters overall, not speed.

This 3 week pdr training course is about getting real comfortable with what you have been learning from the previous 2 weeks. At this stage, your eye sight is highly trained, your tool location is pin point accurate while maintaining a clean dent repair.

During this time, you are ready for advanced and more complex dents. We test your skills on live cars at dealerships, retail jobs and body shops. But don't wory we are with you 100% of the way.